Corporate Yoga


Our Montreal Corporate Yoga programs are specifically designed to:

• manage and reduce stress
• enhance mental awareness
• increase productivity
• improve posture
• relieve back pain
• promote healthy living at home and at work

Showing employees that you, as a company, care about their well-being can create a dramatic increase in employee engagement and worker satisfaction. What better gift than offering an opportunity to connect and a first step towards total wellness?

Health concerns at the workplace are increasing rapidly in North America, from obesity to cardiovascular diseases to depression. Canadian companies are facing a record-breaking number of absences, extended medical-related leaves and hospitalization of their employees. All of these, for conditions that are preventable by healthy fitness levels and proper stress management.

Healthy employees means: stable and improved productivity, better control over your insurance costs and a better engaged workforce with lower turnover.

Employee surveys and the leading employers of Canada all point to one solution: increase opportunities for employees to become healthier by showing that the company is engaged in their well-being.

  • In Quebec, stress leaves have increased by 33 per cent since 2001. *1
  • Stress is estimated to cost Canadian employers $22 billion a year. *2
  • In 2009 Quebec employers had the most work absences arising from illness or disability in all of Canada. Full-time employees in Quebec take an average of 11.8 days off a year. *3
  • The prevalence of obesity among employees in Canada has risen in the last decade from 12.5% in the mind 90s to 15.7% in 2005. *4