Experience a Cozy-Intimate Yoga Retreat in Panamá

This is a last minute opportunity to join me for a semi-private yoga retreat in Panama! How spontaneous can you be? Flights are crazy affordable and it’s a great time to go to the beach!

March 14-18, 2019
$499 – 559 CAD

  • 4 nights beach house accommodation (double or single)
  • All Meals
  • Daily Yoga, Meditation + Ayurveda
  • Private Beach Club – gorgeous!
  • Jungle Hike – optional
  • Golf & Tennis – also available as options
  • Airport transport from RIH – Transport from PTY Airport also possible but might be additional

If you want to stay longer, we can accommodate you.

(DAY PASS for locals $49 USD includes yoga, meditation, breakfast & private beach club)

Yoga Retreat Schedule

Thursday Mar 14

  • Arrival – meet & greet over dinner at the Beach House

Friday Mar 15

  • Morning Meditation & Yoga Practice
  • Breakfast
  • Free time – Walk, read, journal, pool, beach, golf (optional), etc
  • Lunch at the Beach
  • Free time – Beach & Pool
  • Afternoon meditation & light practice (optional)
  • Dinner at the Beach
  • Free time

Saturday Mar 16

  • Morning Meditation & Yoga Practice
  • Breakfast
  • Free time – Walk, read, journal, pool, beach, golf (optional), etc
  • Lunch at the Beach
  • Free time – Beach & Pool
  • Afternoon meditation & light practice (optional)
  • Dinner at the Beach
  • Free time

Sunday Mar 17

  • Morning Meditation & Yoga Practice
  • Breakfast
  • Free time – Walk, read, journal, pool, beach, golf (optional), etc
  • Lunch at the Beach
  • Free time – Beach & Pool
  • Afternoon meditation & light practice (optional)
  • BBQ at the Beach House (with vegan options of course)
  • Closing session

Monday Mar 18 – Departures

  • Morning Meditation & Yoga Practice (optional)
  • Breakfast
  • Free time – Walk, read, journal, pool, beach, golf (optional), etc
  • Departure

An escape for the soul  in a serene tropical paradise is exactly what the doctor ordered and we’re heading to Panamá to get our daily dose of Zen. The marriage of yoga and travel is an incredible transformative experience. It will allow you to escape the fog of your everyday busy lives, which are often filled with to-dos, work, family and commitments. Join me for less stressing and more stretching in the beautiful world of yoga

This is your chance to give yourself time to unwind and just be free. Enjoy Yasmin Yoga + Ayurveda while relaxing in this nature retreat.  The warmth of Panama breeze will give you a magical reminder of how far you are from winter. You will feel refreshed, rejuvenated and most importantly inspired to take whatever comes your way.

Our yoga retreat is open to everyone of all ages and all levels of experience. We are also great for first time yoga retreat participants and a once in a lifetime experience.

Our Accommodations

Panama is completely safe and beautiful. We will be staying in a private villa located in the Decameron Golf Resort. Our comfortable beach house has a private pool and over looks the 14th Green of the golf course. We are a short 20 min walk or 5 min drive to the beach!


This is Your time! Time for you to restore your spirit, strength, and peace within. Toss your to do lists out the window and trow caution to the wind. Yasmin + Yoga is here to create a  focus of breathing together to rejuvenate the soul as we fall hopelessly in love with our mind and bodies to create inner peace.

This retreat includes daily yoga classes, Meditation + Ayurveda for all levels; beginners are welcome!

Add to that inspiring destination with cozy and intimate accommodations, you will also enjoy the healthy meals for all diets vegan to omnivore.  Deliciously made to balance your doshas, with selective organic ingredients whenever possible!  As well as exclusive nutrition tips according to Ayurvedic medicine for living a healthy life!


Look to fly into Playa Blanca Rio Hato (RIH) or Panama City (PTY).

There are some great options right now available with Delta (as low as $299 round trip) and Air Transat along with other charter flights fly directly to Rio Hato, which is 5 mins to the beach.  Check out flights HERE! 

Rio Hato is 5 mins from us and is an easy pick up. Panama City is about a two hour drive. We can arrange transport for you from Panama City. It’s about $80-$100 for private taxi from Panama City to Playa Farallon where we are.  Hotel Shuttles are also available at a cheaper rate – Contact us for details.

Extra Activities (Optional)

  • Excursions available, from extreme adventure to natural treasures.
  • Jungle hikes
  • Golf & Tennis
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Children’s playground are also options
  • Extensive green areas

What Doesn’t Include

  • Flight – but do check out the options to fly into Panama City (PTY) or Playa Blanco Rio Hato (RIH)
  • Airport transfers from Panama city to the villa – private taxi is $80-$100 USD but we may be able to give you an accessible shuttle bus for a reduced. Contact us for more details. (Airport transfers from Rio Hato airport, RIH, are included)
  • Additional activities and spa treatments are not included in the price.

What to Pack for this Yoga Retreat

  • Yoga Mat
  • 1-2 Yoga Blocks & a yoga strap (if possible)
  • Yoga clothes
  • Beach clothes (it will be hot & humid)
  • Beach Towel
  • Running Shoes for walking / hiking
  • Clothes for hiking
  • Clothes for golf or tennis if you plan do these activities
  • Sun hat
  • Books to read
  • Journal or notebook
  • Sun Screen
  • Bug repellant (optional)
  • Your personal toiletries and personal care products


On Panama villa yoga intimate retreat, you will be able to explore breath taking beaches and other natural eco-touristic spots. As a yogi you know that there’s nothing more relaxing than rolling out your yoga mat on a private beach with a secluded midst of nature! There is no better way to enjoy this country’s pleasant beauty other than on a rejuvenating yoga cozy-intimate retreat. So, check our Panama package retreat vacation and reserve your spot today!

Winter Skincare Rituals

Winter skincare is ultra important. Our skin is more sensitive in winter and therefore requires needs extra nourishment and protection. After all, it is our largest organ and the only one exposed to the elements. This means that taking care of our epidermis is beneficial both to our outward appearance and to our overall wellbeing.

Hydration is important all year round, but requires an extra focus in winter because the air is so dry. I love to start my day with the Arbonne Herbal tea followed by the Greens Balance.

How I healed my skin

This topic is close to my heart, because I use to have acne, redness, eczema and rosacea. These conditions made me feel embarrassed and became far worse in winter. I tried everything from Spectro Gel to homemade egg white face masks. Nothing worked. I felt the need to makeup to cover my blemishes and my confidence was affected.

It was only when I discovered ayurveda and improved my digestive system that I started to notice some improvements to my skin. Still, the biggest difference came when I started using Arbonne products. That is also when I learned to nourish my skin from the inside and outside, and that what I put on my skin matters.

As you may know, I am a brand ambassador and distributor for Arbonne International, a non-toxic, vegan health & wellness company. Their skincare and nutrition lines are incredible. I represent these because they are clean and they work. Once I starting using Arbonne, my complexion cleared up and my skin began glowing! It is a great feeling to look and feel good.


6 Ways to Improve your Winter Skincare Routine

  1. Hydrate from the inside out–  Drink water at room temp & herbal tea all day – Always start your day with water or tea. I love the Arbonne Herbal Detox tea, the Greens Balance & Energy Fizz, which offer great flavour, nutrition and hydration;
  2. Hydrate from the outside in – Winter skincare requires moisturizer and you’ll want to apply it morning and night and possibly in the afternoon too if you have dry skin like me. I love the Nourishing Facial Oil to add extra hydration to my RE9 day & night cream (I’m using the new RE9 Brightening line and it’s fantastic!) and the Shea Butter hand cream is essential;
  3. Exfoliate your skin often – Exfoliating & removing dead skin cells promotes cellular renewal. I use the RE9 PrepWork Exfoliating Cleanser & the Genius Pads for my face and Rescue & Renew Scrub for my body and feet!
  4. As part of the winter skincare routine, I recommend covering up when heading outside. Exposed skin is sensitive to wind burn, dryness and even frost bite!

    Read your labels – Avoid creams with mineral oil or petroleum based ingredients – These are toxic for your skin as they block your pores and prevent your skin from breathing and from receiving moisturizer. It’s like plastic wrap and bad news! See Arbonne’s strict Ingredient Policy

  5. Protect your skin – I may sound like a mama when I tell you to dress up warm, but it’s true. Don’t go walking around outside without your mittens or without a scarf. The cold and the wind irritates exposed skin. I also recommend wearing gloves when when washing dishes. Hot water and dish soap can strip your hands of its natural protective layers;
  6. Detoxify your gut – Eat clean, improve your digestion and eliminate properly. I highly doing a gentle winter cleanse starting with the 30 Day Program or book an ayurvedic consultation with me for a customized plan.


Letting Go during Difficult times

Letting go of heavy emotions, blame, grudges and past hurt is good for the heart and soul.

This is a huge focus of my cleanse/detox plans and my 30 Day Healthy Living program. Letting go frees your energy and liberates the mind for better decision making and conscious actions. It is also good for channeling anxiety and high vata.

Given the current state the world is in, there couldn’t be a better time for this.

Still letting go is hard, especially when our emotions feel justified and important.

A beautiful piece on the website TinyBuddha sums this up perfectly:  “When we have a deep emotional attachment to an event or circumstance in our life and we’re being asked to let it go, it can often feel like we’re being asked to move on and forget about the past, person, or event that we’re deeply connected to.”

Letting go is not about ignoring a problem or becoming apathetic. Far from it. It is about acknowledging and embracing our emotions and digesting them in a way that is constructive, healthy and action-oriented.

Letting go allows our energy to flow like a river, softening and dissolving even the hardest things blocking our path.

Learning the importance of letting go

Instead of enjoying this moment on the beach with Koji, my thoughts, energy and emotions were completely fixated on what was happening in the news.

Instead of enjoying this moment on the beach with Koji, my thoughts, energy, and emotions were completely fixated on what was happening in the news.

Recently, I had to relearn how important it is to let go. I have been deeply affected by the recent news of migrant children arriving at the Mexican-US border being mistreated, separated from their families and traumatized. I literally made myself sick. Yet, I felt tremendously helpless.

All these feelings were consuming my heart and head while I was in Cape Cod spending quality time with Koji and my friend who I hadn’t seen in years. I simply could not reconcile my feelings and thus, two days in, I got a terrible migraine. My emotions were preventing me from both being present on the beach enjoying my time with my kid and friend. In parallel, my distress was also blocking me from taking concrete actions that could help children separated from parents by U.S. border officials.

Heavy emotions are paralyzing.  Being consumed by terrible events, feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders, replaying arguments, blaming or criticizing others, and judging ourselves and others harshly when things don’t work out is not helpful to any situation and leads to illness.

A letting go exercise to free your energy

Like many people, whenever I get stuck in a cyclone of fear and worry, I get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. This writing exercise is incredibly helpful in the process of letting go. It gives us the space to express, channel and release heavy emotions, thoughts, worries, and fears that are clouding our mind and prevent us from living life to our fullest potential.

This exercise may be uncomfortable at first as it requires us to acknowledge all the things that are unsaid that weigh heavy in your mind and heart and all the things we tend to ignore and hide, perhaps even from ourselves.

You will see how freeing this work can be especially when done regularly. I promise you will feel lighter and better afterward. (Maybe not right away but definitely a few hours or a day later.)

You will need:

  • A quiet corner and time to write in peace;
  • You will need scrap paper and pen or pencil (not a journal);
  • A timer;
  • A safe place to burn paper – best either in a fireplace or outside.

Letting go helps us address the issues with courage and gives us strength and energy to make clear decisions and take action.

How to:

  1. Set a timer for at least 15 mins;
  2. Start writing by answering the question, “What’s up?” or “What’s bothering me?”
  3. Let emotions surface;
  4. Write non-stop and clear out everything that swirling around in your head on the paper.
  5. You don’t need to write in complete sentences or with proper grammar;
  6. Don’t censor yourself:  You can even swear, scribble and/or draw pictures;
  7. Push yourself to write more than you are comfortable;
  8. When you are done, pause and reread the paper, letting all the emotions you’ve been holding come to the surface;
  9. Breathe deeply;
  10. Then in a safe place, burn the paper as a symbolic release;
  11. If you can’t burn the paper safely, tear it up in tiny pieces and flush it down the toilet;
  12. You may even want to say the following affirmation as you burn or shred the paper:  “The past is over. Today I begin a new life.”
  13. Take some time to relax after and fill your mind and heart with thoughts & feelings that uplift you;
  14. This letting-go exercise really works for releasing stresses and worries, but be patient. It may take a few hours or up to 24 hours to feel better, lighter;
  15. Do this exercise every day for three days straight during a cleanse, once a week for emotional maintenance and/or as often as needed.

NOTE: If after 24 hours, you feel worse, you may have uncovered something deeper. Therefore, I recommend a counseling or talk therapy session with an accredited counselor or psychologist. (I can refer to someone if you aren’t sure who to speak to. Contact us)

Ways to Relax & Recharge

Once you have completed the letting go exercise above, rest, relax and recharge.  Take a bath with salt and soothing essential oils, read a spiritually uplifting book, drink a hot cup over herbal tea, massage warm almond oil into your skin and crown of head (good for the nervous system), play calming music, meditate, go to bed early and/or do any other self-nourishing activity.

Prayers and words of affirmation are also very powerful. Surround yourself in light and send light and love to those who are suffering. I begin and end each of my practices with this prayer:  “I ask that this practice not only be of benefit to me but in some magical way, may this practice be of benefit to all beings everywhere.”


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Open your Nadis & Increase your energy

Nadis are energy centres & channels responsible for giving vitality to every cell and system in the body. Imagine living every day with more flow and more exuberance.

In this post, I am sharing simple ways to boost the subtle energies of the body for maximum results.

What are Nadis and why are they important?

When the nadis are clear, prana or vital energy flows easily to the cells and health is optimized. When they are blocked, we become weak and ill. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits and trauma also obstruct the circulation of this life force.

The word “Nadi” comes from the Sanskrit word “Nad”, meaning flow or motion. According to the ancient Tantric texts, it is believed that there are 72,000 nadis in the body.

The biggest centres are the chakras and there are larger concentrations of nadis at the joints, hands & feet and sense organs: eyes, ears, nose, lips and tongue.


Right intention and appreciation redirects your energy and improves the flow of prana throughout your system.

Ways to clear the nadis and balance your energy

  • Right Intention – Your energy flows where your attention goes, so MIND YOUR MIND! Set your intentions clearly, repeat uplifting affirmations, be grateful, take in positive impressions as often as possible. (see Daily Affirmations)
  • Hatha Yoga – Yoga helps to free stagnant energy and balance two of the main nadis that weave through the chakras: Ida & Pingala, the female (lunar) energy  & male (solar) energy. In fact, the term “hatha yoga” actually means “sun-moon yoga” referring to the practice of bringing these nadis into equilibrium.
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing – This breathing exercise also helps to balance Ida and pingala and opens the sinuses, an important gateway for prana / life-force / breath to enter the body.
  • Ayurvedic Self Massage – This practice is also fantastic for stimulating the nadis and clearing congestion from the joints and muscles. The benefit is particularly noticeable when you observe the difference between the arm you just massages compared to the one that has yet to be massaged.
  • Cleansing & Improving Digestion – The tips to improve digestion along with the seven-day detox or cleanse dramatically improves the effectiveness of the nadis and your overall well being. (see tips for improving digestion)
  • Consuming healthy food & healthy products is key. Read your labels and make sure you educate yourself to know that what you put in your mouth and on your skin is safe and beneficial. You cannot not even imagine how absorbent your skin is! Whatever you put on your skin absorbs directly into your blood stream within 30 seconds!
  • Exercise & nature appreciation – Daily movement at a moderate intensity helps to circulate energy and blood flow throughout your body. It’s best to avoid extremes and if you can exercise outside and breathe fresh air in nature, all the better! (see tips for exercise)


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Ayurvedic Self-Massage Guide & Download

Ayurvedic self-massage is a highly beneficial treatment on all levels.

I recommend this type of self-massage because it particularly helpful for lymphatic drainage, aiding the body’s detoxification process. It also a nice, nurturing ritual that can be continued regularly as it helps foster self-love and appreciation– two qualities everyone good use more of!

Ayurvedic self-massage is also known as Abhyanga. It can be done with or without oil.  An article by ayurvedic practitioner, Sandhiya Ramaswamy for the Chopra Centre describes abhyanga like this:

There is no greater expression of self-love than lovingly anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm oil […] It is believed that the effects of Abhyanga are similar to those received when one is saturated with love. Like the experience of being loved, Abhyanga can give a deep feeling of stability and warmth.

I often include dry self-massage (sans oil) in yoga practices with my students as part of the ‘warm up’. (See details about the Therapeutic Yoga Clinic)  It is very nice to do at home with warm oils, especially when you are fresh from the shower or bath and already semi-relaxed.

Benefits to Self-Massage 

  • Encourages self-love;
  • Stimulates cardiovascular circulation;
  • Lymphatic drainage;
  • Improves digestion and immune function;
  • Promotes relaxation and grounding;
  • Lubricates joints;
  • Helps you sleep deeper and more soundly;
  • Releases muscular tension;
  • Calms the minds;
  • Balances the nervous system;
  • Increases the flow of energy & prana in your body;
  • Smoothes your skin (especially when using warm oil);
  • Regulates body temperature;
  • Enhances your mood and confidence.

How to practice self-massage

There is no right or wrong way to do self-massage, but it is best to start with your head and end at your feet. Do circular motions on your joints and vigorously rub up and down between the joints.


CLICK HERE to download a guided self-massage practice I recorded for you


Using oil

If you want to use oils, great. Oil helps to calm the nervous system and hydrates the skin. It’s very important to use a good quality, cold-pressed oil (available at all health food stores) and warm it up slightly prior to using it.

Here are the recommended oils to use per dosha:

  • Vata benefits most from warm sesame oil.
  • Pitta benefits most from warm almond oil.
  • Kapha benefits most from warm sunflower oil.

If you aren’t sure which one to use, almond oil is a safe bet or even olive oil. If you know aromatherapy, you could also add a drop or two of lavender or ylang ylang to further promote relaxation.  I very much like the Rescue & Renew Detox Massage Oil from Arbonne & the Arbonne Harmony Essential Oil blend for a high quality tri-doshic oil.

Evening Ritual

I like to make a date for myself on a Friday or Saturday evening when I have some time and can stay in. I have an early dinner, take a hot epsom salt bath with oil and then do a little self-practice of massage and maybe some light yoga and meditation. I heat the oil gently on the stove on low for a few minutes and then pour it over my head letting it saturate my hair. Then, I massage the oil into my skin from head down. I drink a hot cup of herbal tea and go to bed early. It’s heavenly.

TIP:  If you use oil, sleep on a towel or pillow case you won’t mind getting oil stains.


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Spring Cleanse Program

This spring cleanse program is inspired by ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system I practice. It holistic and works all levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic as well.

I do a customized cleanse program for my clients, which ideal for addressing specific needs and/or health goals. However, I wanted to share suggestions for a gentle spring cleanse that almost anyone can do — Please read the disclaimer at the bottom. The program outlined here does not involve aggressive purgation or detoxification, yet it is still highly effective and harmonizing.

Why Cleanse?

In ayurveda, cleansing is an important part of maintaining good health and it is holistic, meaning it addresses the whole you — body, mind and the emotional heart. 2018-05-Blog-Spring-CLeanse-greens

  Better digestion;
  Stronger metabolism & immunity;
  Feel lighter;
  Feel healthier;
  Boost energy;
  Healthy weight management;
  Improve body composition;
  Reduce stress;
  Promote mental clarity;
  More restful sleep;
  Improve skin tone & lustre;
  Brightness of eyes;

Basically, it is a total reset for the system and the best time for following a cleanse program is in the spring or fall when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

Spring Cleanse Program Overview

EA2018-05-Blog-Spring-CLeanse-foodT light, soupy / stewy meals & keep portions small:
  • You will likely have about 4-5 ‘meals’ per day during the cleanse. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat;
  • Eat soups (ideally blended) and lightly steamed greens – lentil soup recipe
  • Avoid all fruit except apples & pears (best cooked);
  • Eliminate wheat, coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy, sugar, high fat & processed food.
DRINK  only herbal teas & water at room temperature:
  • Arbonne Detox Tea has fantastic, high quality kidney and liver cleansing herbs. One tea bag makes about one litre – drink this warm or at room temp during the day;
  • Chlorophyll and aloe is also good in water;
ADD cleansing herbs to help you eliminate:
  • Arbonne Essentials Body Cleanse – I love this product because it is easy to use, tastes good and everyone can benefit from it. The active ingredients are aloe for cleansing, ginger for circulation and anti-inflammation as well as magnesium to help the body relax and process. Take 1 sachet at night in warm or hot water or  1/2 in the morning & 1/2  at night in warm water or hot water;
  • Triphala in larger doses or in conjunction with the Arbonne Body Cleanse is also beneficial. Triphala is a blend of three herbs that has a laxative effect on the body. You can take tripahla along with the Body Cleanse for better results.  (I like the herbs from Bayan Botanicals or Himalaya – easier to get Himalaya in Canada)
EXERCISE should be very gentle during the cleanse – only walking, light yoga or restorative yoga.
  • It’s important to rest your mind during the cleanse time; 2018-05-Blog-Spring-CLeanse-yoga
  • Avoid television, social media and other distracting mental activity as much as possible;
  • Avoid extensive social outings and late nights;
  • If possible, avoid traffic, unnecessary errands and housework;
  • Practice gratitude;
  • Journal;
  • Day dream and be creative;
  • Favour books that inspire you and calming music;
  • Adopt a comfortable routine – create it and you can send it to me;
  • Sleep on time, eat on time;
  • Ayurvedic massage (abhyanga) and/or warm oil (shirodhara) treatment is highly recommended as part of a cleanse program – For these services in Montreal, I recommend you go to the Ayurvedic Holistic Centre in NDG or contact my dear friend Vanesa Ayurveda.

DISCLAIMER: This cleanse program can be done by almost anyone. However, your immunity system and strength should be stable – do not attempt a detox when you are sick, extremely tired or very stressed. Exclusive cleanse diet is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


If you would like a personalized cleanse program, please contact us to book a private consultation with me


Simple plant-based food plan

We are 20 Days into our Lean, Fit & Strong online body & mind sculpting program and it is going great! This is the simple plant-based food plan I recommend for better health, weight management, faster metabolism, stronger digestion & more energy. (click here for more info on the next program)

Yasmin’s Simple Plant-Based Food Plan –  the main principles

It’s kind of a system. 

  1. Routine: 3 meals + 2 snacks + water & herbal tea = awesome for digestion & energy – Eating at the same time daily and limiting the variety of food you eat trains your body & digestive system.
  2. Choose whole foods vs packaged food: Fresh fruit & veggies, high quality first cold-pressed oils, seeds, super foods,
    whole grains (low or no gluten), lentils, organic eggs (& meat) –  Instead of counting calories, count nutrients!
  3. Plant-based: For good health, make 80-90% of your diet plant-based;
  4. Replace the following:
    • Dairy from cows (hard to metabolize) –> Goat & sheep milk / cheese (easier to digest), almond milk, coconut milk, rice cheese, etc.;
    • Wheat (inflammatory) –> Kamut, Quinoa, Rice;
    • White sugar (garbage for you) –>  Maple syrup, small amounts of dried fruit.
  5. Don’t drink calories unless you make the juice yourself (and even then dilute juice by half); Drink plenty of water, herbal tea between meals; (The occasional glass of wine or cup of coffee is ok as long as you don’t depend on it daily);
  6. Take time to eat: Focus & enjoy! This alone will solve 75% of your health issues.

Meal plan

{Please note: For a personalized program, book a private consultation with me. Insurance receipts issued under naturopathy.}

DAY START :  Have warm water or water at room temperature first thing in the morning. I usually add a scoop of Green Balance from Arbonne (greens + antioxidants) and lime juice to my water.

080a2d9b-0e13-4c8f-a5bf-03b2695e5dfeBREAKFAST PLAN
Smoothie : Vegan Protein powder* + Fibre Boost* + 1-2 fruits +  2 veggies + Almond or coconut milk (unsweetened) + water;
Warm cereal: Oatmeal (gluten-free) or quinoa + seeds + coconut oil + 1 fruit (berries);
Eggs (2-3 egg whites & 1 yolk) or scrambled tofu (sautéed in olive oil with garlic and/or onions, sea salt & turmeric) + black beans or lentils + 2 veggies.
* I recommend the protein and fibre from Arbonne. The products are fantastic. Shop now



Lunch Bowl:  Grain (rice or quinoa) + 3-4 steamed veggies + protein (seeds, nuts, lentils, tofu, organic chicken, wild caught fish or egg)
Soup or Stew: Lentil soup, vegetable bean soup, chicken vegetable (bone broths are good too)
Salad (if you can digest): 1-2 leafy greens (baby kale, spinach, arugula) + 3-4 veggies + protein


7e8a82ca-4634-4908-b776-21db7732f546DINNER PLAN
Keep it light  See lunch suggestions, but keep it light and finish eating by 8pm latest.
Plant based Make sure that two out of three meals are vegetarian. (Animal protein should represent only a small portion of your daily consumption.)


Super Food Trailmix : Walnuts, Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Goji berries, coconut, raw cocoa nibs, etc.c17ef93e-d1d4-45c4-aba8-a647bc8da0d8
Veggies & hummus
Organic Dark Chocolate:  70-80%
Fruit: Apple, berries, Sweet Orange, Grapes (max 2-3 fruit a day)
Arbonne Protein Powder with water – so quick & tastely – nice texture
Arbonne Protein Snack Bars – 
10g of protein, only 5g of sugar, vegan & gluten-free




30 Day Healthy Living Program for Optimum Wellbeing

The 30 Day Healthy Living Program I have curated has been life changing for me and I love creating content for it.

Designing these 30 Day Programs gives me opportunity to blend all of my knowledge and passions into an incredible online program. It was not and is not intended to be a boot camp or weigh loss program. My 30 Day Healthy Living Program are meant to be a gradual and sustainable integration into healthy habits to last a life time. And from the feedback (see some testimonials below), people got a lot of out it. I am thrilled.

Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world. Participants received a personalized program, meal suggestions, tips for improving digestion & boosting immunity.

Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world. Participants received a personalized program, meal suggestions, tips for improving digestion & boosting immunity.

30 Day Healthy Living Program Design

The program began with a private ayurvedic consultation with each participant. We discussed goals, challenges and ways to improve individual concerns such as digestive issues, poor sleep, low motivation, etc. I then created a customized nutrition and lifestyle program for each individual.

The bulk of the program consisted of daily lessons emailed to participants every morning at 6am.  These lessons covered a variety of topics: letting go, gratitude, why practice yoga, movement, tips for better digestion, smoothie recipes and how to benefit the most from the Arbonne nutrition products included in the Healthy Living program.

The weeks were structured in the following way with practices to complement each theme:

  • MONDAY – Mindset
  • TUESDAY – Lifestyle
  • WEDNESDAY – Heart & Soul

    Heart & Soul practices included Gratitude journal, Letting go exercises, meditation and ayurvedic self-massage. Guided instruction available as download.

    Heart & Soul practices included Gratitude journal, Letting go exercises, meditation and ayurvedic self-massage. Guided instruction available as download.

  • THURSDAY – Nourishment
  • FRIDAY – Movement
  • SATURDAY – Energy
  • SUNDAY – Review

In addition to the daily lessons, we had (have) a private Healthy Living Facebook Group where participants could share ideas, cheer each other on and I could post additional supporting materials. The Facebook group is still live and you are welcome to join this group for free!

We are starting the 30 Day Healthy Living Program again, but this time with a twist! The theme of the upcoming spring program is Lean, Fit & Strong: Body + Mind Sculpting.

Learn more

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The last week of the Healthy Living program, we went through the chakras. For the heart, participants were asked to “write themselves a love letter.”


Testimonials from past participants:

Thank you so very much for creating this wonderful Healthy Living program.  It is clear you put so much thought and care into it.  Hearing from you every morning, helped to keep me on track.  I wasn’t always perfect… but I persisted.  My energy levels have improved so much.  By day 15, I no longer woke up in a fog, for the first time in many years.  With renewed energy, I feel that I will be able to move forward towards some of my other goals- ie weight loss, career, etc.

 Jackie Miller


I am down 9 lbs. and feeling great! My stomach/digestive system are thanking me! I have been inspired to cook healthier recipes, read my spiritual books and do more yoga and meditation. A BIG thank you to Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow for all her kindness, wisdom, inspiration and knowledge that she has shared with us. It is a great program that covers the mind, body and soul…can’t ask for more than that. All we have learned can be carried forward in our journey to be healthier and happier! I still have lots to do but feeling so much better.

Patti Kowaleski Hall


The great thing about doing this 30 day healthy living program for myself is how comprehensive it has been. It is not just about diet, but also encompassed the physical, meditative, creative, and spiritual aspects of change. I have found it to be a truly holistic approach to change, and because of this I think much more likely to be successful at producing lasting personal transformation. We all want to change, to evolve into our true selves, and this personalized program provides a stable, holistic platform from which to do so. Thank you, Yasmin!  

Bruce Chase Dunn



3 Ways to Boost your Immunity System

As a kid and even as a young adult, I would almost always be sick over the Holidays. If only I knew about ayurveda then, I likely I could have prevented many stomach flus, bouts of food poisoning, colds and fevers. Luckily, I now have a much greater understanding of the body, so I am able to stay healthy during flu season. And I am happy to share some of my ayurvedic secrets with you to help you boost your immunity system naturally, so you can fully enjoy the season’s festivities.

Holidays are a time for celebration, big meals and travel. All great things, but add them together and wrap them in stress and our digestion and  immunity system gets overwhelmed.  Our normal eating habits are often askew this time of year and we tend to overindulge with sugar, alcohol and heavy food. The weather also affects the strength of our agni, or digestive fire.  During winter, our digestion ‘cools’ and slows down as the outdoor temperature decreases. This also means our metabolism weakens and so does our resistance to bacteria and viruses.

Here are three ways to boost your immunity and combat the first signs of a cold or flu:photo (8)


– Eat regular meals in and a calm state. Plan and prepare healthy meals that give you energy before you are starving and willing to eat anything.

– Drink a daily tonic of hot water, lemon, turmeric (1/4 tsp of dry turmeric) and honey (1/2 tsp) – photo beside. You can also add ginger to this tonic. Chyavanaprash, a jam-like blend of 40 herbs and spices in honey and ghee, is another excellent preventative remedy.

– Take Amalaki. It’s a gentle ayurvedic herb that is super high in vitamin C and is non-acidic.



– At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with apple cider vinegar, honey and warm water. You can also gargle with turmeric, honey and warm water.

– Clean and clear your sinuses using a netti pot, a small little tea pot looking thing filled with warm water and a pinch of sea salt. Tilt your head forwards and to the side as you pour the saline solution into one nostril allowing it to flow out the other into the sink or bathtub. Do this  at night only. Afterwards, lubricate sinuses with warm sesame oil.

– Augment intake of vitamin C and turmeric. If hungry, eat small meals and favour warm herbal teas and soups.


– Eat kitchari (click here for recipe) for three – five days following your cold or flu. It’s the best food to get the digestion back on track. Then slowly add in small amounts of foods from your regular diet. Dairy, sugar and alcohol should be the last things reintroduce.

– Dress warm, even inside (wear slippers) and stay hydrated.

– Avoid eating anything cold or raw, especially ice cream or iced water with a meal.  It will decrease the effectiveness of your digestion and immunity.

Above all, rest well and take care of yourself.  The best time to fight a cold or flu is before it’s full blown. You will recover much faster and conserve your energy throughout the Holidays.


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Simple Fall Ayurvedic Detox

A cleanse or detox is best done in the autumn or in the spring when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s a chance to rest and reset the mind and body. The ideal length of time for a cleanse or detox really depends on the person. I suggest three to five days.

An ayurvedic cleanse works on all levels of the being – physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual. Quiet time and rest is key. Physical and mental activity during a cleanse is meant to be kept at a minimum. The food plan is also intended to be simple and easy to digest. This way energy is directed towards rejuvenation and healing. It’s important to reduce responsibilities and if possible, take time off work. Think of this as a stay-at-home vacation. If you can get away from your normal routine and be in the country, that’s even better.

Take the time to prepare, schedule and plan for your cleanse.  If you need a personalized cleanse to address specific concerns, I suggest making an appointment with an ayurvedic practitioner.

Here is a simple tridoshic cleanse perfect for autumn:



Vegetable detox soup (see below) or stewed apples and pears / apple sauce; herbal tea; green juice – see recipes for green juices; If you can’t take time off work, then reduce workload and responsibilities as much as possible and eat kitchari instead – recipe below.

Vegetable Detox Soup –  Broth is easy to digest and cleansing – recipe from Vaidya Anita Sharma

•  2 c water
•  1 c broccoli (chopped)
•  leek (chopped)
•  1 c peas (fresh or frozen)
•  1 c swiss chard (chopped)
•  ½ c fennel (chopped)

½ c parsley (chopped)
•  5    garlic cloves
•  1 c  green cabbage (chopped)
•  1“  ginger (freshly grated)
•  pinch cayenne pepper
•  pinch salt
Put everything into a pot & bring to a boil. Then simmer for 15-20 mins. Strain and drink broth only or blend.


Take Triphala ¼ tsp 3x a day or ½ tsp am & pm with good amount of warm water. It’s a tridoshic (good for everyone) herbal blend for cleansing.

Other herbs – optional:
• VATA for nervous system:  Bramari ¼ – ½ tsp in water at night and/or ashwaganda ¼- ½ tsp am & pm
• PITTA For liver: Milkthistle in capsule (2 x 500 mg am – first thing) or Kutki 1-2 capsules (500 mg) am;
• KAPHA for congestion: ½ tsp Triphala Guggul am & pm; Trikut may also be good.


•  Reduce mental work and pressure – best to take time off work and computer*;
  Rest – go to bed before 10 pm; Take naps if needed;
  Yoga Nidra– deep yogic rest or a long savasana (Richard Miller has fantastic guided Yoga Nidra practices);
  Letting go exercise:  Write out all your frustrations, worries and fears on paper. Be brutally honest –even curse and swear. Dig deep and get out all your emotions. Then, as safely as possible, burn the pages as a symbolic release. Do this daily, maybe even twice a day, during your cleanse.


YY_breathing_alt_nostril_kapalbhati-newMEDITATION & BREATHING

  Meditation morning and evening – download a 30 min guided meditation;
  Om chanting, prayer and/or expressions of gratitude and devotion;
  Pranyama Breathing: Alternate Nostril Breathing & Kapalabhati 4 x 50 per day – download instructions;



  Ayurvedic self massage – instructions via Chopra Centre
  Journal about your dreams, desires, and the things you love and appreciate in life;
  Artistic pursuits: draw, write, paint, knit, etc.
  Read uplifting or spiritual texts (jnana yoga).
  Walk in nature – particularly soothing for Pitta;
  Gentle Yoga – download the pawan muktasana series for joint mobility;
  Ayurvedic Massage & Shirodhara is recommended.



Best to ease back into responsibilities and work. For food, I recommend keeping the diet simple for several days after cleansing. Eat small meals. Having kitchari, a stew of lentils and rice, is ideal an transition meal. Here’s a kitchari recipe, also inspired by my teacher Anita Sharma:

Kitchari Recipe

•  1 c split mung beans or red lentils (soak for 1 hr before)
•  2 c rice or quinoa (or 1 c quinoa & 1 c barley for kapha)
•  4 1/2 c water
•  3/4 tsp sea salt & black pepper
•  1 tbsp freshly ground cumin
•  1 tbsp freshly ground coriander seeds

•  1 tbsp freshly ground fennel seeds
•  1 tbsp turmeric
•  Optional:  pinch of hing for Vata;  or pinch of cayenne pepper for Kapha
•  Desired veggies – chopped (add leafy greens at the end)
Put everything into a pot & bring to a boil. Then cover & let simmer for on Low for ~45mins. You may enjoy with 1-2tsp of ghee (clarified butter) or plain yogurt can also be good with this dish.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes. 

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