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Winter Skincare Rituals

Winter skincare is ultra important. Our skin is more sensitive in winter and therefore requires needs extra nourishment and protection. After all, it is our largest organ and the only one exposed to the elements. This means that taking care of our epidermis is beneficial both to our outward appearance and to our overall wellbeing. […]

Food Cravings & Solutions

Food cravings are common and I confess that I have them too. However, over time, I have learnt to manage my cravings and even find healthier substitutes. Salty, crunchy things like chips and crackers are my favourite. I also love chocolate especially the strong, bold flavour of dark chocolate mixed with sea salt. And perhaps […]

Saturday Theme: Rebalancing Energy

Rebalancing and recharging energy is my Saturday Theme. As with other aspects of my Daily Theming, I believe rebalancing energy is as valuable to wellbeing as quality time, mindset, lifestyle, heart & soul work, nutrition, and exercise. Furthermore, dedicating time to recharge my personal energy level is a nice way to close the week. Saturday tends […]

Friday Theme: Friday Fitness & Movement

My Friday theme became Fitness Fridays mostly because became the exercise contributor to one of Arbonne’s 30 Day Healthy Living private Facebook groups. (Everyone is welcome to join my Facebook Group: Daily Rituals for Healthy Living Inside & Out.) Since I got into the habit of writing about fitness on Fridays, the theme grew from […]

Thursday Theme: Nutrition

My Thursday Theme is Nutrition. Having a system me is better than a schedule.  My system of daily theming has been life-changing for me. But it is not just about being productive. It’s more about being happy, healthy, wealthy and nourished in mind, body, and spirit. Nutrition is the focus of Thursday for a reason because, by Thursday, I […]

Wednesday Theme: Heart & Soul

My Wednesday Theme is Heart & Soul. Often referred to as Humpday, Wednesday is considered the day in which we must surmount in order to make it to the weekend.  In an attempt to brighten the reputation of Wednesdays, I use this day as an opportunity to check in and assess if what I am feeling, […]

Tuesday Theme: Lifestyle Design

My Tuesday Theme is lifestyle design because I think it is important to consider the way I am living and experiment on how to improve it. This is a big topic in my 30 Day Healthy Living Program and a key part of my week. (See Daily Theming)   What is “lifestyle”? The word lifestyle is used a […]

Monday Theme: Monday Mindset

My Theme for Mondays is Mindset. Monday Mindset has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? I love Mondays! To me, Monday feels like a fresh start, like a New Year’s Day or a new month. My energy is on point and everything is open and possible. It feels like a good time to […]